Boa-Vista Reserva Red

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Located near Pinhão, on the right bank of the Douro river, Quinta da Boavista has an extraordinary view over the river. It is one of the most iconic estates in the demarcated region, known not only for its historical connection with the Baron of Forrester, but also for its 36 hectares of high-quality vines.
This Boa-Vista Red Reserva wine reflects the combination of various micro-terroirs. Different grape varieties, different ages, different altitudes and sunlight exposures are expressed in a unique way, making this a versatile wine, unique in character, longevity and elegance.

Grape Varieties

The Reserva is the ‘backbone’ of the Quinta da Boavista’s portfolio and is the result of a batch made with grapes from a blend of both old and younger vines.

This Reserva Red is produced using Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinto Cão and Vinhas Velhas (over 90 years old vines).

Touriga Nacional is a dark-skinned grape variety that is a key ingredient in both dry red wines and fortified wines (Port) with a wide presence in the Douro region. Displays bold dark-fruit flavors, commonly accompanied by hints of spice, violet and leather. Its firm tannins makes it relevant as a varietal wine.

Secondly, Touriga Franca is also one the traditional grape varieties from the Douro Region. More aromatic and lighter in body, it is slightly less concentrated and has higher yields than the flagship Portuguese variety. Touriga Franca is really high in tannins with an exquisite perfume of fresh, ripe red fruits, spices and flower.

Tinto Cão is a grape variety dating back to the region’s origins. Throughout the years, it has been proven that this variety is better suited to the region’s fronts with less sun exposure. The cooler climate allows the variety’s floral aromas to showcase. With lighter coloured wines, despite its dark skins, it has good levels of acidity and tannins.

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To ensure the prevalence of the variety’s characteristics and the full control of the process, at Quinta da Boavista we use manual harvesting and manual grape sorting processes, followed by a gentle berry de-stalk and crush. As fermentation reservoirs we have the traditional granite wine presses with foot treading, stainless steel fermentation vats and, for small batches, PVC food containers or fermentation in new 500 litre French wooden barrels. Each of these types of fermentation gives the wine a unique style and personality.

After aging in 500 liter barrels for 15 to 20 months we create the Reserva blend. All our wines are sealed under natural cork. This wine is not filtered or cold-stabilized and that is why it can produce a sediment with age.

Vibrant ruby in colour. Displaying aromas of black fruit, it is ample and generous, well-matched by fresh and elegant notes of fine spice. Vigorous on the palate, with well-defined tannins which over time merge with the fruity flavours and enhance the ensemble’s structure and finesse. Full of freshness, this is an exuberant wine with plenty to give in years to come.

Perfect with red meat, game or cheese dishes.