Quinta da Boavista Vinha do Ujo

subtle and enrapturingQuinta da Boavista Vinha do Ujo


Located near Pinhão, on the right bank of the Douro river, Quinta da Boavista has an extraordinary view over the river. It is one of the most iconic estates in the demarcated region, known not only for its historical connection with the Baron of Forrester, but also for its 36 hectares of high-quality vines.
Vinha do Ujo represents decades of commitment and attention to detail to ensure this wine displays its charismatic expression of a unique terroir.

Grape Varieties

Vinha do Ujo was planted before 1930 on pre-phylloxera horizontal terraces and the land is supported by small schist walls. With more than 25 grape varieties, diversity is ensured and is only achievable in vines as old as these. They are spread over small north-facing terraces with an altitude that varies between 180 and 210 meters. These vines are curated year after year by the experienced hands of those who have lived in the Douro for generations.


To ensure the prevalence of the variety’s characteristics and the full control of the process, at Quinta da Boavista we use manual harvesting and manual grape sorting processes, followed by a gentle berry de-stalk and crush. Grape fermentation takes place in new 500 litre French wooden barrels. After a period of maceration, the resulting wine continues its ageing for 16 months in 225 litre barrels also of French oak. All our wines are sealed under natural cork. Wines are not filtered or cold-stabilized and that is why they can produce a sediment with age.

It’s intense ruby colour is a prelude for the successive layers of red fruit wrapped in hints of forest and subtle notes of inkiness. Haughty and seductive, it is even more intriguing on the palate, evermore juicy at every sip thus revealing different layers of fruit and spice. A wine that enthrals us with its elegance and vibrant grace.

Perfect with red meat, game or cheese dishes.